Offering a wide variety of living arrangements, and a convenient community mall, Park Land 598 provides for everything in one place.

Project Details

Situated along St. 598, also known as Cheasophara Street, Park Land 598 offers a wide range of homes including Queen Villa, Queen A Villa, Twin Villa, Link A Villa, Link B Villa, and Shop House. A four-story community mall is also built right inside the project to provide convenience to people living inside and around the project. Other facilities including club house, swimming pool, playground, among others, are also available in the project to enrich people’s living experience in the project. Total land area of approximately 40Ha. The project will also be connected to public road to allow in-flow of traffic into the project in order to support people running businesses in the project.

Type of Unit

Stroll the park or take a break at the club house, pool, and chip mong 598 community mall. Park Land 598 offers this and many more amazing facilities for you and your family to enjoy to the fullest

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Club House
Chip Mong 598 Mall
Roof Garden
Swimming Pool


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