Experience where home becomes more than a place. Landmark 271 is the epitome of living experiences, with mega malls and hotels, a few steps away.

Project Details

Covering a land area of 42 Ha, Landmark 271 is a mixed-used development projects home to some of the large scale development projects including a mega mall, known as Chip Mong 271 mega mall, an international hotel, commercial offices, condominiums and residential area. The residential project builds 4 types of houses –Queen Villa, Queen A Villa, Twin Villa and Home Office - with modern design and premium facilities. The project is very well connected to some of the biggest and busiest main street in the city such as St. 271, St. 371 and Hun Sen 60M boulevard, providing convenience to people living and doing business in the project.

Type of Units

Work or run your business with the comfort and ease of your own Home Office.

  • 1 Lift
  • 4 Bedroom
  • 1 Living Area
  • 1 Work Area
  • 1 Waiting Area
  • 7 Bathroom
  • 2 Parking

With a mega mall, club house, swimming pool, commercial street, office building, a park, a hotel, and many omre state of the art facilities, Land Mark 271 offers more than just a comfortable and luxurious life

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Swimming Pool
Chip Mong 271 Megamall
Club House


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