A never-before offered promotion, Special25, from Chip Mong Land. Enjoy monthly payments less than before, with no interest rates even longer than before; the offer that customers have been wishing and waiting for! This new payment offer is applicable for all Chip Mong Land projects as mentioned below:

📍 Landmark 271 http://bit.ly/Landmark271
📍 Landmark 60M http://bit.ly/LandMark60M
📍 Grand Phnom Penh City https://bit.ly/GrandPhnomPenhCity
📍 Park Land 6A https://bit.ly/ParkLand6A
📍 Park Land 598 http://bit.ly/ParkLand598
📍 Park Land 50M https://bit.ly/Parkland50M
📍 Park Land Pochentong https://bit.ly/ParkLandPCT


The new Special25 payment provides many benefits to customers

  • No interest rates for a longer period, allowing customers to become homeowners more easily.
  • Less monthly payments, facilitating savings and other expenses
  • No requirement for deposit, providing faster decision making
  • Save money for other investments
  • The best opportunity to increase additional assets or investment with potential projects

Customers can visit any Chip Mong Land sales gallery to receive this new special offer

For more information, contact Chip Mong Land at:

 𝟎𝟔𝟏 𝟗𝟗𝟕 𝟖𝟖𝟖

💬  https://t.me/chipmongland

💻  https://chipmongland.com

🌐  https://fb.com/chipmongland

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