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At Chip Mong Land, we provide different range of housing for your specific needs such as:

  • Our Villas, with spacious design and plenty of rooms, will provide our homeowners with utmost privacy and superior way of living. With modern contemporary design, we ensure that our houses will be luxury and timeless. Our villas range from King Villa, Queen Villa, Queen II Villa, Queen A Villa, Queen B Villa and Queen B II Villa.

  • Enjoy the tropical garden at the tip of your finger with Twin Villa. Indulge in modern and enriching living experience with luxury, timeless, and spacious design with our Twin Villa, Twin II Villa & S II.

  • Link Villas, timeless design for new homeowners who want modern way of living. We offer Link A Villa, Link A SII Villa and Link B III Villa.

  • Massive parking in front of the property and high traction from people living around the area, our Shop Houses and Home Offices are tailored made for all businessowners.

Chip Mong Land is the leading real estate developer in Cambodia. Our goal is to provide everyone their dream home. Our residences are built using the highest quality construction materials that have internationally recognized by ISO accreditation, such as Chip Mong concrete, V-Steel, Chip Mong Roof Tiles and Chip Mong Pipes.

Our interior and exterior designs are timeless and reflect a trend-setting lifestyle. Our homes are surrounded by the most modern and convenient facilities such as clubhouses, parks, playgrounds and community malls to ensure our customers’ “Trust in Living”.




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